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10:00 - 18:00

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Telephone: 0049 341 69769863
Mobile: 0049 176 343 98 494


Dermal Laserline Aesthetic Zentrum
Dittrichring 15
04109 Leipzig/ Germany

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Welcome , Welcome

The Dermal Beauty Center and Laser welcomes and we are ready to provide the best services or medical information in the field of cosmetic and laser . The opening of this center is in mid- February 2008, the center has various modern German , American equipments and advanced lasers and we are the only center in the region in terms of modernity and quality and we have the only device in the province is used to remove Hair, wrinkles and the distorting effects of the body without resorting to surgery.

Newly Newly Newly

Liposuction, facelifts and treatment of wrinkles without surgery
Instead of liposuction surgically
Endless by S 58 Ultrasonic Liposuction
Limit of five centimeters and only during three sessions
Fast and high cleanliness and without aches

By this device work with a view to addressing the problem where we process the different areas of the body such as abdomen and upper regions of legs

By this device we remove the grease from the area to be treated in a calm and beautiful, but are not taken to remove all the grease in one Treatment , but you may need from two to four Treatment , depending on the nature of the site to be treated and thickness . After that is the site selection to be treated is directed header According measurement applicable in the direction of the site you want to remove grease them and where the process is done outside of the skin and there is no need for anesthesia or take any painkillers again and this alone is considered to be of great benefit to the meetings of treatment is between one week and another . This device will destroy the fat cells and put it outside the body in a naturally and where the skin remains without any damage and needles