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Injection black and brawn skin bleaching with the Glutathione

what is Glutathione

Unterspritzung_Whitering_00 Unterspritzung_Whitering_01 Glutathione is a substance secreted by the liver, a compound classified of tripartite Albbtdat, and produced by the body from three amino acids, is a cysteine​​, glutamic acid, glycine, and his relationship to those amino acids has been ranked as the amino acid.

What are the medicinal uses of glutathione?

Glutathione is one of the scoop antioxidants and this is used primarily for cancer patients - as a kind of support the body and strengthen immunity to help him on the oxidation of food : Glutathione is also used in the treatment of ( Paralysis of Parkinson 's disease ( Parkinson's Liver and breast cancer Low blood pressure , especially in patients with diabetes who follow the diet satisfactory Who uses glutathione .. must be doing a test to make sure liver function ... and that the enormous amount covered by the patient plus vitamin C , which the body could not take it out only by urine ...... and must use the boldest of this examination periodically .. Because the inability of the liver to perform its functions properly in the presence of these quantities that need to be output can cause liver failure

What is the relationship between glutathione and skin bleaching?

.. The beginning of the idea of using it in was when Brightening note that cancer patients .. And users of these capsules have flogged more freshness and lighter in color than before

Does it have any side effects?

There is not yet any side effects skin whitening, but which they do not want the yellow-skinned or white, so to speak, as well as it is a natural substance 100%

What about the results?

In the first weeks of use seem to score slow with some positive results, then gradually show the result after a month of use. There are 2 treatment, intensive treatment is the injection needles during the week for 5 weeks or treat slow and it is the use of a needle and one each week.

Cost 250 $

Cost 250 $