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Injections | Fat reduction injections

Unterspritzung_04 The drug with the active ingredient phosphatidylcholine is injected directly into the fatty tissue under the skin. The mechanism of action is based is that the lecithin is a fatacid carrier is capable of binding in normal body fatacids and transported to the liver.

Injected the compound directly into the adipocytes, it is readily ascertainable that there is a "mobilization of fat" because the lecithin can charge transporting fatty acids from adipose tissue and beyond. The decomposed fat is then removed via the body's lymphatic system. It is therefore a reinforcement of natural processes occurring in the body as well.

The fat-away syringe is suitable only for small amounts of fat, so for normal weight with problem areas.

Each treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes and is an outpatient procedure. Guarantee a longer retention time is not necessary. The treatments must be repeated two to three times, depending on the body site and at dissolving grease at intervals of 14 days. Then the fat in these parts of the body is finally gone, and not coming back.

The patients only feel a slight burning sensation and a certain tenderness in the area of the injection sites. It can also lead to slight swelling and redness that will disappear after a short time.

an be handled as follows: Cellulite (including severe cases), double chin; Trnens thickness;? Fat in the nasal labial area of the male breast, in the thigh, knee and lower leg shackles in the chest abdomen-hip area, with "saddle bags" and generally for solid modeling different problem areas

Cost From 350 $

ling different problem areas

Cost From 350 $