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Dermal Laserline Aesthetic Zentrum
Dittrichring 15
04109 Leipzig/ Germany

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Removing age spots, sun spots, warts

Pigment_01 Eventually they catch almost everyone. Age spots, sun spots, warts are superficial skin changes. You can remove it only with one treatment is safe, often without problems.


Pigment spots have many causes and should always be clarified by a dermatologist prior to treatment. It can be either to congenital pigmentary changes, side effects of medications or hormones, sun damage, birthmarks or malignant skin diseases

The modern laser therapy with our co2-Fractional laser offers the possibility to treat troublesome skin lesions. Before the laser treatment is a thorough examination and consultation. The treatment itself is quick and easy


Pigment_02 The altered tissue can be removed very fine and shallow at the same time the greatest possible protection to the adjacent tissue. The newly formed layers of skin are smooth and even. Safety and accuracy of this new treatment method to guarantee success.

?Cost 200 $