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Eye dark circles procedures

Eye dark circles treatment procedures

Pigment _ Augen_00 Pigment _ Augen-01 Eye dark circles can be cause by various reasons and can be treated using different procedures. Of course the procedure to use depends on the cause of the dark circle. Note that if your dark circles disappear when you are exposed to strong light or on photos when the flash light is used, there are no real dark circles. It is mostly a question of shadows. The list of reasons for dark circles with treatment strategy...

Blood vessels navigating below the thin skin

Vessels or accumulated blood pooling showing through a very thin eye skin. The dark color is an optic effect: you see the skin darker than normal because you have a dark blood area behind the skin surface wich is partially transparent. There are very few solutions to treat this. Of course vascular lasers may be used if vessels are not too deep below the skin surface. Extreme precautions should be taken to avoid retinal injury. Most of the time, metelic eye shields should be used. They are put on the eye cornea after a local anesthesia as we would put view lens. This procedure is unpleasant but efficient. You may also use creams which will work on color corrections to balance the 'blue' aspect of the skin.

Collection of blood vessels

Possible for a network of blood in the lower eyelid to become crowded for a number of reasons. Usually, flowing tears from the eyelids to the nose, but if there is some obstruction due to lack of drainage well, it will result in a blue spots. Works Rboxa on improving the network of blood in the lower eyelid, as well as to increase the collagen in the dermis layer in the skin of the lower eyelid, which reduces the cyanosis eyelid

Cavity of the Lower eyelid

In the case of a hollow lower eyelid can put a temporary filling to fill the interstitial place , which improves the appearance of dark circles . Treatment is painless , and it made ​​a one-time after placing a small amount of cream on the skin anesthesia . Carboxy treatment is safe , which is a medical procedure where the natural clinically proven that it is able to improve dark circles and puffiness . Treatment includes a small injection of the second gas carbon dioxide in the skin. Carbon dioxide gives the center signal to the body that there is a lack of oxygen and as a result the body responds to increase turnover blood full of Bloodoxegn in the treated area. Which helps to heal the skin. Method of injecting carbon dioxide takes only five minutes , which is almost painless and risk-free. A series of 2-6 treatments once a week is all that is required to achieve great results

Carboxy working princible

Mechanism of Carboxy action is the non-arrival of oxygen to the cells easily and depth leads to hit lazy and tired and thus the emergence of dark circles and other skin problems, hair loss and the accumulation of fat under the skin, etc. ... But when I increase the percentage of oxygen in the blood (due to pumping carbon dioxide)will be the expulsion of toxins present in the cells, allowing them to breathe deeply opportunity to show the result to increase the flow of oxygen in the tissues which improves blood circulation in this region, and therefore improves the color and shape and vitality, flexibility and work .

When show the result

Results appear da after the first session; need 4-6 sessions. Once every week. Scalp: start after 3 sessions, and we need about 6 sessions.

Cost 100 $



Cost 100 $