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10:00 - 18:00

and by appointment.


Telephone: 0049 341 69769863
Mobile: 0049 176 343 98 494


Dermal Laserline Aesthetic Zentrum
Dittrichring 15
04109 Leipzig/ Germany

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Beauty and Relax / Ultrasound

Facial Ultrasound

Kosmetik_Ultraschal_00 Kosmetik_Ultraschal_01

That's where the face appear more vibrant and youthful That this kind of lameness in beauty talk and by ultrasound can not leave him are activated active substances and the concentrations of certain region in the skin and the result is then re-effective production of collagen and through these waves is inserted materials generational to the layers of skin deep and so cells become skin condition can take out as much as enough of viscosity and storageا.

Ultrasound for Body

Kosmetik_Ultraschal_02 Kosmetik_Ultraschal_03

The appropriate form for bikini body. The back heterogeneous of the body and beautiful shape of the above legs is one of the rarities, but with additional help and by ultrasound possible access to it in addition to massage and pull the skin through glass bottles so that the skin becomes second homogeneous and coherent and by ultrasound possible introduction of active substances and high concentration into the layers the skin as possible and thus increase the effectiveness of chemical compounds.
اPossible that the effect seen after the first treatment in the treatment areas so that appear homogeneous and secondly the skin more coherent and points gatherings in this way is also possible to demolished.

اcost from $100