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Dermal Laserline Aesthetic Zentrum
Dittrichring 15
04109 Leipzig/ Germany

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Beauty and relaxation | Permanent Makeup

There was a difference in the natural beauty of the time possible to remove the natural differences in facial without demarcation effectiveness. It is known that makeup Negotiable demise after Almhi or swimming or sports. Will you will be Mtaajabian of the shape of the eyebrows, lips and eyes parties after treatment. But it necessary to تقعوا in the hands of people trained and valuable to guide you to the products with a high degree of quality and be tested against allergies and other medical complications.

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Wedding System

Kosmetik_Makeup_06 Kosmetik_Makeup_04 The most beautiful bride for the most beautiful day in the life. wedding system in the house of beauty offers you the only full body skin for the purpose of giving full luster and homogeneity is appropriate in the case of possible schedule before the wedding party with 14 days to coordinate your table this treatment.


It is essential to create the face, chest , back, and where they are cleaning the center of the skin as well as re- effective circulation of blood and lymph . The ultrasound generation is entered to the skin classes in skin shows and pink . but that the skin will be homogeneous and ready for the wedding day makeup . And that's where make-up will show the best and be the longest duration . We are also at your service to provide advice about the type of make - up and type best suited to the wedding party . Advise you to glitter eyes is curl eyelashes and natural which remain effective for a week it is also necessary coloring eyelashes and eyebrows. Coloring and clean fingernails and feet , as well as removing hair from the underarm and the dress is also within this content.

Special Wedding system

Gesicht treatment System from $100
Neck and Chest Treatment from $100
Chest und above modelaj from $100
The nails with a Wax bath from $60
Feet and toenails generation: from $90
Crimp eyelashes: from $70
Metaphor eyelashes: from $50
Warm wax: from $15
Brow and coded: from $30
Makeup wedding party: from $50