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Dermal Laserline Aesthetic Zentrum
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Beauty and relax | Facial treatment

Treatment by masks and ampoules

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Enjoy high-impact treatment effective mask which will cover the facial skin and thus earns the skin energy, viscosity and rubber Attention and tried to take care of the skin properly and by addressing the face, as well as protect it from stiffness and viscosity giving him necessary to reelastisity.

Facial اMassage

The process of massage is differe our methods used in cosmetic and therefore powders used for this purpose from the first step such as cleaning to massage the face with ensuring relaxation and comfort and convenience and in this way be returned to the viscosity required skin and rubber. Tried to contact us for the purpose of a pointment.


The duration of treatment: almost two hours

Cost from $ 100


The Modolaj a porte-private, which is in the content of materials especially effective so give heat sufficient for the skin to maintain its vitality and elastisc and stimulate blood circulation and kills it to generate the base or the basis of highly effective against stiffness, and the body to increase the secretion of collagen and Alstien In turn, this gives specially protection and the increase of the pH and viscosity of the skin It is possible to use this method for the face, body and hands.

The duration of treatment: almost two hours

Cost from $100

Special treatment for men skin

A long time ago is no longer cosmetics and various methods is limited to women only. Shower and wash teeth , face and shaving are not sufficient for many men and as the face and body powders and the use of compounds against stiff skin and smells good use by men. That men nowadays have become love beauty also supply only through good care and where they use a series of their own product . The men skin is thicker and the excretion of materials also be more than Women skin it contains more Collagen and fatty substances so the proportion of protection from external circumstances be more process and Fixing be slow. The razor is a problem that a Buddhist man skin Instead of minor wrinkles in women also exist in men deep wrinkles Therefore in the case of clean materials must be used so that the concentration intervention in the cells of the skin and thus claim to remove skin infections at the same time moistened intensively.
The use of washing powders and Altnatif continuous skin Bhrr of dirt, dead layers and gives a clear picture, clean the skin and there are creams for all skin types from dry to oily, as well as for sensitive skin.
Quickly and tried to use private product for the purpose of preventing or removing facial wrinkles and prevent eye rings.

cost from $80