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Bleaching(Laser teeth whitening)

Bleaching(Tooth whitening method)


That's where the face appear more vibrant and youthfulAnd is the fastest way to whiten your teeth and get great results through the use of a chemical substance containing peroxide of hydrogen under the direct supervision of a dentist ... starters , the doctor cleans the teeth well and dry them and then isolate the gums textured protective and then is placed article bleached the teeth for a period of between 30 to 45 minutes depending on unit variegated , has assisted the doctor to a visible light or a laser to activate the bleaching material and speed up the bleaching process by bleaching system user . Vary as a result of bleach , according to the original color of the teeth , and is the physician's experience and broad base of scientific , very important. The materials used in bleach, vary in effectiveness and focus. And therefore vary in their prices . In the U.S. study showing that 76% of people are satisfied completely with the results , and 23 % are satisfied with the relatively and 1% very dissatisfied . Using the device (zoom) and high-energy modern devices , rising to 86 % .

Pain and damage:

Harm to teeth whitening result from a lack of calcification is less than the harm caused by drinking one pack of carbonated soft drinks ( Kalpbsa and Coca-Cola ) , which means that it does not harm never mentioned , on condition of their teeth . Here, the role of the doctor Alhadeg , and the need for attention to the quality of materials rose whatever the cost. Most people , suffering from mild pain and sensitivity after bleaching , but the materials and sophisticated equipment , decreased sensitivity to the minimum , and removes 90% of the pain after a few days . After the expiration of 3 years , it remains 70% of the people are comfortable with the results, according to a study conducted in the nineties , but it is believed that the use of modern materials , with the device (zoom) or plasma , lengthen the duration of bleach, and we have no independent studies so far .

Laser technology in teeth whitening:

Pat laser technology intervention in a lot of medical uses, processes and Lithotripsy and eyes, as well as teeth whitening. And laser technology gives Luna whiter eight degrees at least some of the other traditional methods. During this process, are covered gums and lips are well protected from the effects of the ovary when placed on the teeth, are then shed light sequential series of laser beams directly onto each tooth so as not to affect the dental enamel and cause fragility. Although this method is considered expensive, but they are more effective than others.

cost from $200