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Face and Necks lift with threads / thread lift

The thread lift procedure

Haut_Thread_00 A thread lift uses a modification of the standard type of suture threads that have been used in medicine for many years. When inserted under the skin, the suture thread is pulled up to lift or tighten the targeted area. This restores the structure of the face, reversing the ageing trends of everything “heading south”. The brow, cheekbone area, jowls and upper neck are the first parts of the face to sag, and these are particularly good areas for threading. Performed as a day procedure under local anaesthetic, the threads are fed into place through a tiny hollow needle. The lift that is obtained is determined by the type and number of threads used and the amount of pull required. The type of look and results required are different for different people, and needs to be specifically tailored to give the desired results.


Haut_Thread_02 Haut_Thread_03

What are the types of thread used in that way?

Is the quality of the manufactured material of polyproline and is the thread diameter plastic material ranges from 1 mm to more accurate than that and do not dissolve with the passage of time and dont reactive with the body not to interact with them and dont makes any infections or lesions and commonly used those threads but accurate of them in surgery of the brain and nerves, heart and abdominal wall repair. But manufactured Technology vary in the outer wall that is sleek to be able to tangle with the tissue and stretching in specific directions without causing side effects. And the efficiency of different yarns and severity depending on the Country of Origin

are this threads suitable for you to lift the skin of the face ?

Does not work that way for you if you have:

- Thin-skinned sensitive.

- Suffer from severe tuck the face.

- Suffering from a thinner face.

- Suffer from dry skin faceه.

cost 2000 $