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Skin Rejuvenation ( Fractional-Fraxel Laser)

Laser treatment of wrinkles, scars, skin lesions and skin tightening

Haut_01 Over the years of life folds are formed by relaxation of the tissues of the face and body. The process we amplified by various factors such as smoking and frequent sun exposure. Scars are other lesions that may affect cosmetically disturbing, especially in the facial area.

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Can grind through different measures such as surgery, or to treat superficial skin injections of botulinum toxin impairment of facial skin. A modern method for correcting the abnormalities is the laser treatment.

In laser treatment of the skin layers are selectively removed. Especially, the laser is used to treat skin wrinkles, such as the side of the eyelids ("crow's feet"), the forehead, lips and cheeks. Furthermore, partial removal of scars, birthmarks and similar findings possible. Even scars that are caused by acne can be tackled with the laser. The fact that relatively new computerized scanning systems are used, a treatment can be done quickly, but evenly.

Performing the laser treatment

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. The affected skin areas are treated with a short-term working, but high-energy laser beam. Thus, the upper skin layer can be removed thin. The underlying layers are thinner, so that it comes through the treatment of wrinkles to a tighter and smoother skin.

Wrinkles are not alone in the engagement, but overall, as a large-scale phenomenon. Thus, an entire skin area, for example to eye or mouth around, be treated equally.

Cost from 200 $

200 $

around, be treated equally.

Cost from 200 $