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Weight & Fat reduction | Infrared waves

Infrared waves

Far Infare Ray Virus-Clearing Fit-Keeping

Fettreduzierung_Infare_Wellen_01.png Infrared waves The new fat-away program brings much more than just losing weight, it makes you slim, fit and healthy. Up to 2000 calories in 40 minutes consumed. Groszlig, e quantities of toxins are flushed out. The tissue is strengthened, the pounds fall.

The virus warring fatt with far infrared treatment is done with the help of 16 clustered air chambers that the normal lymph flow to break down toxins in the Kings; promote body. We guarantee the highest Quality and best service.

The Air Wave Slim treatment is performed with a special lymphatic drainage device, the normal lymph flow to break down toxins in the Kings promotes body

This method differs from the old vibration technology as pressure and side airbags are used for fat loss here. In addition to the specific lymphatic drainage device contact the beautician / internal gyroscope, massage, rotation, traction and other basic techniques to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Thus, the Lymphgefszlige remain open and support the effective degradation of pollutants.

In der Medizin ist das Prinzip der biopositiven Wirkung der Infrarot- Strahlung bekannt. Die moderne Wissenschaft erfand nun Heizelemente, die per Infrarot die tieferen Gewebe erreichen. Anders als bei der Sauna, die bei 85°- 100°C Betriebstemperatur nur die Oberfläche des Körpers erreicht, absorbieren die tiefer liegenden Organe fast 80% der Infrarot- Strahlen.

Infrared heat generated many therapeutic effects:


Do you have enough of it, is vexed with local fat deposits and cellulite and achieve no improvement despite strict diet and regular exercise? Finally! Now there is a non-surgical option, the local Fettp; lsterchen and cellulitis be treated with immediate visible effect.

annoy local fat deposits, cellulite or sagging skin after pregnancy, or wish you a firmer butt, then the latest scientific developments are just the thing for you! This method guarantees you many abil; cases visible results from the first treatment to. It offers the most advanced treatment for Kings; rperformung and cellulite by heat, gas pressure and lymphatic drainage at the same time.


From 45 C, the tissue stretch. Induration be relaxed. Tendons and muscles soften. As a result, the body is moving. Because relieve muscle tension, pain can be avoided, reduced, dissolved.

vessel League:

The heat expands the blood vessels. This improves blood circulation throughout the body. The cells are again better supplied with nutrients and oxygen.


Studies in volunteers in the USA showed a 5 - a high repair rate of damaged tissue with 20 infrared applications. The scientific testers speak of a success after 90% infrared treatments for back pain, hip discomfort, shoulder arthritis, poor circulation in the legs and pelvic area.

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Cost: from $ 150.00 per treatment



Cost: from $ 150.00 per treatment