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Weight & Fat Reduction | Cavitation No.1

Supersonic Cavitation NO.1

Fettreduzierung_Cavitation_01.png With this technique of fat burning hazardous without destruction of the cells, caused by the use of strong vibration of the ultrasonic waves may be in the fatty acids to bump the cell to a depth of about 5 cm, stimulate and burning. You can completely destroy these fat cells. The method is sound and meets scientific and pick up Dittherapien, Dissolve the water and removes the waste materials in the inner layers of fat

Cavitation No.1 achieved many therapeutic effects:

With two Super Sonic heads - one is hard and rt destroy the fat cells, the other is a light head with vibration - is about an hour long treated the area where the fat cells are to be reduced. There is no pain, except for a slight tingling sensation on the skin. It can occur punktfrmige red spots on the skin, which gradually recede completely. As a not quite pleasant, the noise level is perceived in the ear, but which also indicates that the method works.

Cost: from $ 150.00 per Treatment

Call and arrange your styling appointment!


Call and arrange your styling appointment!