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Spider veins

Spider veins - and the way to beautiful legs

Besen_01 Spider veins are tiny veins that have widened in the skin and filled with blood and therefore are visible through the skin as bright red vascular tree, dark blue veins (telangiectasia) or reddish spots . On diascopy the spider veins fade away. Spider veins can occur in all parts of the skin, but occur more frequently on the legs.

In some people are consist since birth or early childhood as major changes made (stains). These can either consist only of fine container trees, or procedures involving even deeper vessels. If these strains consist in the face or uncovered body parts they poses a danger to the patient (obstruction of vision, frequent bleeding, ETC), the cost of treating this strains above of the statutory health insurance , taken over.

What are the dangers without treatment?
Spider veins are essentially an aesthetic problem . They occur in people with an inherited connective tissue. Spider veins can also point to a venous disease, as the spider veins with larger venules and veins are connected. In venous disorders venous valves and vein segments are broken and jammed the blood veins can extend up into the spider veins "back jam" and thus expand the smallest vessels of the leather skin. Therefore it is useful to exclude certain pre-treatment of spider veins, a vein problems. There is a venous disease, it must be treated first. Then the spider veins can be treated.

Cost 100 $

the spider veins can be treated.

Cost 100 $